Recording the Score for MEN OF THE CLOTH

Now that we’re essentially done editing MEN OF THE CLOTH (except for a few tweaks here and there) I wanted to post a clip from our music recording session at the John Kilgore studio in Manhattan. It was an all-day event orchestrated and supervised by my composer, Chris Hajian. The musicians were Allison Leyton-Brown on piano, Entcho Todorov on violin, Peter Sachon on cello, and Bernd Schoenhart on guitar. They were all superb and extremely professional. Joette Spinelli, my friend and fellow member of NYWIFT (New York Women in Film) was nice enough to take some video with her small dual-purpose still camera.

Director Vicki Vasilopoulos at John Kilgore Sound & Recording studio

Here’s one take from the opening title sequence of MEN OF THE CLOTH. You can see the film playing on the monitor inside the recording booth on the right side of the frame :

MEN OF THE CLOTH opening title music recording session from Vicki Vasilopoulos on Vimeo.

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