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MenoftheCloth_posterMEN OF THE CLOTH is an inspiring portrait of three Italian master tailors who confront the decline of the apprentice system as they navigate their challenging roles in the twilight of their career. The film unravels the mystery of their artistry and reveals how their passionate devotion to their Old World craft is akin to a religion.

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“… a deeply moving narrative, a story that is filled with a deep lust for life …. Director Vicki Vasilopoulos has masterfully crafted this film, not unlike how her subjects have masterfully crafted their garments.”

— The Arts Fuse (Boston’s online arts magazine)

“A captivating tale of an art in both remission and resurgence, Men of the Cloth is a journey across the globe unifying craftsmanship and style….Dynamic, emotional, and inspiring, it was truly an experience.”

— A & H Magazine

“We get to feel the love of the men for their job and we understand just how special handmade suits are…. You will feel a loss at the notion that their way of life is fading from existence. I love films that make you feel and this one does in spades.”

— Unseen Films blog

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