MEN OF THE CLOTH Has World Premiere at DOC NYC Film Festival

I’m genuinely excited to announce that MEN OF THE CLOTH is having its World Premiere at DOC NYC, New York’s documentary festival, on Tuesday November 19th and Thursday November 21st. I’m especially pleased that the screenings will be held at the IFC Center, a venerable art house theater in Greenwich Village.


I hope to announce additional screenings in other cities and to have the film featured in other festivals. Stay tuned.

Documentaries Sustain Our Culture

As a documentary filmmaker I read with great interest a recent  article in The Guardian newspaper written by the series editor of BBC Four’s Storyville, one of the premier showcases for documentary films on television. In “Why documentaries matter,” Nick Fraser maintains that “documentaries are among the most valuable, neglected cultural forms of our time.”

Nick Fraser of the BBC's Storyville (photo by Frank Boyd)

With the squeeze on television budgets Fraser worries about how small documentaries – “low budget, clever, appealing to small, passionate audiences” — will be adequately funded in the future. “I’d like to know how their independent spirit can be conserved and nurtured,” he says.

If we didn’t have these “manifestations of contemporary culture,”  Fraser predicts  that we would miss them very much.

In  my humble view, the best way to support documentary films is for audiences to actively seek them out at their local theater or watch them on television, DVD or video-on-demand.

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